Superlocal Pass is the ultimate rewards and loyalty membership powered by a community of independent coffee shop owners, independent restaurant owners, other independent business, and their biggest fans.

To join Superlocal Pass, you must hold $LOCAL cryptocurrency tokens. This means that every person who holds a token is invested in the Superlocal community’s success and gets access to the upside of value that’s created.

The goal of the Superlocal Pass is to drive new traffic and repeat customers to the best local businesses that make our real-world communities special.

Join the waitlist. The top 1,000 people on the waitlist will receive a 15 $LOCAL token airdrop:

Explore and document.

Have fun exploring the nearby and finding new places.
Submit posts and earn tokens.

Your best posts will earn tokens and be marked as verified.
Get access to discounts.

Hold at least 15 $LOCAL tokens you get local discounts.


Superlocal exists to improve the way people enjoy and experience everyday life. Anyone can earn tokens by exploring the real-world and submitting user generated content contributions to the Superlocal ecosystem.

To earn tokens, a person must submit check-ins that contain high quality photos and very short blurbs. Team Superlocal will review every content submission and submitters of approved check-ins will earn tokens for every approved check-in post they submit for review. An approved check-in gets prominent placement on the profile of a place on Superlocal and also has a verified badge on it.

The reason that we review every submitted check-in is to help keep content on the Superlocal app as high quality as possible. If we were to let people earn tokens for every single post, we would run into a content quality problem and our app would be filled with spam. In the future, we intend to pass the content quality approval process torch on to token holders to vote on and will structure voting to be fair without token holding whales to have unfair input.

Lastly, ownership of $LOCAL represents both the ability to claim Superlocal Pass benefits and to participate in governance votes related to the Superlocal Pass feature. It should not be regarded as an investment.

Local Grants

We will be offering 10,000 Local Grants to the first 10,000 local businesses to add offers available to Superlocal Pass holders.

A Local Grant of 50 $LOCAL tokens will be earned by any of the first 10,000 businesses with an approved offer. This means that we are giving a grant of the 50 $LOCAL tokens needed to have an offer display on Superlocal. If a businesses $LOCAL token balance falls below 50 tokens, the offer will automatically be removed from the Superlocal ecosystem until the balance is restored and a new offer is submitted to be displayed.

Click here to apply for a Local Grant

Earning and Using Superlocal Pass

To get access to Superlocal Pass offers, you must hold a minimum of 15 $LOCAL cryptocurrency tokens. Once you have accumulated a minimum of 15 $LOCAL tokens, , you must physically go to a location and check in on the Superlocal app. On the check-in confirmation page, you will be able to show the business you’ve made your check-in and are claiming an offer. You can only redeem the offer at the moment you’re at the business (but can claim as many times per day as the business allows).

Each time that a post you submitted is approved by Team Superlocal or you claim an offer, the business that you made the post at will also earn tokens. This is meant to give you an even bigger incentive to go support local businesses because they will earn tokens when you support them.

How Businesses Add Offers

To offer a reward as an independent coffee shop/restaurant/business, you must hold a minimum of 50 $LOCAL tokens. We will offer the first 10,000 independent businesses a 50 $LOCAL token grant. Every business is required to submit their offers for approval by Team Superlocal. We require this to monitor quality, correct grammar, and make sure no offensive/inappropriate content is added to our app.

Once your offer is approved by Team Superlocal, it will appear on the Superlocal Map for every single Superlocal user, even non-token holders. If you drop below the 50 $LOCAL tokens threshold, your offer will be removed from the map and app.

Why Should Businesses Add Offers?

Businesses will want to add offers to the Superlocal Pass because we have a double-sided, token incentivized referral/loyalty program. Superlocal Pass offers drive new people to visit a business, they encourage repeat customers to come back to a business frequently, and then businesses earn tokens when people make high quality posts at their businesses or claim their Superlocal Pass offer.

When people support a local business, the local business earns tokens. It's a true win-win.

Superlocal Black Pass NFT

The final roadmap item for fully launching the Superlocal Pass will be the introduction of the ultra-limited Superlocal Black Pass NFT. It has benefits similar to the American Express Centurion Black Card benefits, but with a 'support local' twist.

Black Pass holders will receive bigger, more advantageous offers than normal Superlocal Pass holders at participating businesses. Additionally, when a Superlocal Black Pass holder makes a post or claims an offer at at business, the business earns even more tokens than if a regular Superlocal Pass holder makes a post or claims an offer.

Offers for Black Pass holders are also wider ranging than the regular Superlocal Pass benefits; with people being able to do things such as make more spontaneous reservations to the best restaurants, and beyond.

Superlocal Black Pass NFTs will be released in waves and will be extremely limited.


🚀 Superlocal Beta
👛 Play to earn launch
🪙 Token creation event and first token claim
📲 Superlocal Pass launch with Local Grant earners
🗃️ Superlocal Black Pass NFT launch

Token Details

The supply of Superlocal will be 180,000,000 and the ticker symbol will be $LOCAL. Ownership of $LOCAL represents both the ability to claim Superlocal Pass benefits and to participate in governance votes related to the Superlocal Pass feature. It should not be regarded as an investment.

Decentralized Organization
Initially, there will be no voting possible. We intend to have the Superlocal Pass feature operate as a decentralized organization in the near future, meaning $LOCAL holders can stake their tokens through the staking dashboard and participate in governance votes brought forward by Team Superlocal.

Token Utility
The Superlocal Pass $LOCAL token is a utility. You will gain access to three primary things by being a token holder (1) offers when you hold a minimum of 15 $LOCAL tokens, (2) the ability to participate in future governance votes, and (3) the ability to review check-in post submissions.

Token Lock Claim Bonus
To thank early adopters who earn tokens before token claiming is live, we will have a 48 hour window before token claiming goes live for the first time. During this window, you will be able to decide how many tokens you want to lock for one year and, after one year, those tokens will be multiplied.

Token Distribution
Play to Earn – 17.5%
$LOCAL tokens available and ready to be distributed and held by Superlocal users.

Community Treasury – 49.985%
$LOCAL retained by the intended future Decentralized Organization and will be used at the community’s discretion and distributed through governance proposals. There’s no vesting on the community treasury, which means that the entire allocation is available at launch and will be available at the discretion of the $LOCAL community governance. All governance proposal will be specific to Superlocal Pass.

Team, Contributors, and Advisors – 20%
$LOCAL retained to be earned by the core Superlocal team and people who specifically advise on Superlocal Pass. These tokens are used for long-term incentives for existing staff, and also includes a 50% option pool for future employees, contributors, and advisors.

Fair Launch Auction – 12.5%
Copper Launch will be utilized for $LOCAL tokens for an open, transparent, and user-friendly Fair Launch Auction.

Launch Airdrop – 0.015 %
The highest 1,000 ranked people on the Superlocal Pass waitlist will earn 15 $LOCAL tokens each. The reason why 15 $LOCAL tokens was selected is because it is the number of tokens needed to have and use a Superlocal Pass. In the event that the waitlist is less than 1,000, any extra tokens will be placed into the Community Treasury.

Get on the waitlist...

The top 1,000 people on the waitlist will receive a 15 $LOCAL token airdrop. We will close the waitlist shortly before the token creation event and first token claim and that will be the final ranking.